by Robert Anderson

July 9, 2015

David Brand, Madison County Ohio Engineer, saw the JackJaw® sign post puller at the NACE Conference and Trade Show in Daytona in April 2015. He needed a better way to pull U-Channel type street sign posts, but was fascinated with reports that the same JackJaw® pullers would also pull guard rail I-beam type posts. In May he arranged a demonstration with Bob Anderson, President of Construction Accessories, Inc. in Waynesville Ohio, and manufacturer of the patented JackJaw® line of pullers, to try out the new method of extraction. He was pleasantly surprised!

Two of his field guys spent more than 25 minutes pounding a test guard rail post into the ground behind the engineering facility, using a tractor mounted pile driver. Then, two other members of the Madison County field crew used two JackJaw® model JJ0500 pullers, working together on opposite diagonal corners of the beam, to pull the 4 x 6 I-beam type post out of the ground. It took them about 3 minutes to do the job! He was sold. He purchased two JackJaw® pullers for his crew.

The JackJaw® Model JJ0500 was designed for big jobs and tough conditions. It features 28 to 1 leverage, meaning, that when you push down on the handle with 100 lbs. of force, you get an upwards force of 2800 lbs.

on the sign post (or guard rail post). It is a favorite with the Ohio DOT and highway sign contractors all over the country. This unit actually does triple duty – as it also pulls ground rods!

Since the introduction of the JackJaw® sign post puller at the APWA Public Works Expo in 2010, nearly 2,500 JackJaw® sign post pullers are in use every day in North America in the hands of very happy customers. JackJaw® sign post pullers have proven to be the easiest, quickest and safest way to pull sign posts, guard rail posts, and ground rods out of the ground.

Construction Accessories, Inc. is the manufacturer of the patented JackJaw® line of extractors, which includes more than 40 different models for the seven industries that they serve: Construction, Public Works, Tent Rental, Farming/Fencing, Erosion Control, Soil Stabilization and Public Utilities. All of our products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. (except for the JJ0203).

For more information contact Bob Anderson at 937-609-8937 or Additional information, customer reviews and product videos are available on the website,

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