Stake, Rod and Post Pullers That Work!



Designed and patented by a concrete contractor, JackJaw® extractors make an easy task of pulling stakes and posts. With a couple pumps of the handle, stakes and posts will break loose. The JackJaw® puller is our customers' favorite tool to use because it pulls concrete stakes, pulls tent stakes, pulls sign posts, pulls ground rods, or just about anything else that's in the ground with ease.

The patented jaw and lever mechanism allows you to pull stakes and posts straight up out of the ground or sub-grade without bending them, keeping your expensive stakes straight for hundreds of repeated uses.

Pulling straight up is easier, because it eliminates side loading, and resulting strain on the operator's back. Using the JackJaw® extractor is safer than using a hammer and striking the metal stakes to loosen them. This tool can help reduce your worker's compensation EMR. And is much less expensive than using two guys and a bobcat to pull tent stakes and posts.

JackJaw® Models Remove:

  • Concrete form pins and stakes
  • "T" fence posts
  • String line stakes
  • Flat stakes and wood stakes
  • Tent stakes and rebar
  • Sign Posts - U pickets, square and round posts
  • Utility grounding rods
  • Real estate signs
  • Oil field services
  • Erosion control anchors - installing and setting
  • Drill rods for nuclear density gauges

JackJaw® 200 - JJ0200

The JackJaw® 200 easily pulls ¾” and 7/8” concrete form stakes used in concrete applications, “T” posts, and string line stakes.  This taller model (29” tall) allows you to pull stakes without bending over.

JackJaw® concrete stake pullers pull stakes straight up out of the ground without bending them or breaking the fresh concrete, even when the stake is flush with the top of the form.  A 50lb push on the handle generates a massive 1050lbs of gripping force and a 450lb upward breakout force on the stake.