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About JackJaw® Stake & Fence Post Pullers

Construction Accessories, Inc. was founded in 2007 by Robert and Karen Anderson.  Both Bob and Karen worked for Laserplane/Spectra Physics for nineteen and ten years, respectively.  Their positions involved developing and marketing laser based products for construction and agriculture.

An Australian friend and concrete contractor, developed the patented “peg” puller for the Australian market.  Construction Accessories’ initial product offering, the JackJaw® 100 concrete stake puller, was based on the peg puller.  Since then, Bob has designed over 40 additional models to extract not only concrete form stakes, but also T fence posts, sign posts, ground rods, tent stakes, real estate signs, drill rods for nuclear density gauges, erosion control mat anchors and more!

Bob can provide the solution to your application problem.  Call him at 937-609-8937 or email him at to discuss how a JackJaw® puller can help save your back and money!

JackJaw® stake and post pullers are manufactured in the U.S.A. in Dayton, Ohio by Construction Accessories, Inc.