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Back injuries are some of the most debilitating injuries a person can have, and lifting causes lower back injuries for millions of people every year. When you have heavy work to do, such as removing stakes or fences, it is imperative to have machines like stake pullers at your disposal. These machines do the heavy lifting and save you a lot of trouble.

So you have a lot of stakes, posts, or fences to pull and are considering a fence post puller to help you out. What are the advantages of using such a machine? Read on to learn five reasons why you *absolutely* need stake pullers.

1. Your Safety

Without a post puller, you need to use tools such as sledgehammers, drills, and risk getting hurt, or worse. A stake puller mitigates those risks by giving you both space and leverage to pull up your stakes or fence posts, or whatever you need to be removed. It is a necessary tool that saves both backs and lives.

2. Job Efficiency

Using a fence post puller makes the job of pulling fences much easier and faster than doing it manually. You attach the post puller to the stake or post and push the lever down to raise the post from the ground. The job is done within seconds rather than potential hours if you run into a stubborn post that won't leave the earth.

3. Allows Posts to Be Reusable

In addition to being more efficient, fence post pullers allow for your fence post or stake to be reused down the line. Instead of a bent and mangled post that comes from using more traditional tools, a post puller brings the post out smooth and easy. This is a handy extra when you want to keep extra posts around for emergencies.

4. Reduces Stress

Reducing a task to a few minutes of work has the side effect of reducing stress related to that task. If a worker has to remove a line of stakes that day, they may dread needing to pull out the hammer and drills to get those things out of the ground. With a stake puller, that stress is removed, and the job takes up far less of their day than before.

5. Versatility

For whatever you need to pull up, there is a puller that can handle it, whether that is simple tent stakes all the way up to steel posts. Each type of puller is rated for the job it is for, and some give you a sixteen-to-one advantage in power when lifting. These post pullers save you time, money, and your own health!

Stake Pullers

Stake pullers are one of the best tools you can have on hand, whether you work on a construction site or your own farm. With stake pullers, you have a tool that saves your health as well as time and is a necessary component of any workplace. Having one on hand means you don't have to worry about breaking your back on the job.

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Karen Anderson
Karen Anderson

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