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March 23, 2022 2 min read

Back injuries account for  20% of construction-related injuries. You can prevent this by using the proper tools for the job. Using a stake puller or ground rod puller will save your back!

Ground rods and stakes are easy to remove if you have the right tools. When you come across an old ground rod, you will need to take certain steps to remove it from the ground. Read on to see the steps necessary to use a ground rod puller to remove a ground rod.

What is a Stake Puller?

A stake puller is a piece of equipment that consists of a lever and fulcrum. It leverages the stakes out of the ground using minimal force. They make pulling rods, stakes, and signposts simple.

It has a clamp on the end, known as a mouth or jaw. It tightens on the ground rod or stakes you are trying to pull up.

Save Time and Energy

Using a stake puller  will save you time. It will also pull up stakes and ground rods without wear and tear to the rods. Stake pullers remove the ground rod straight up with a pivoting neck.

Using physics, your body weight on a lever converts your small amount of force into a  much larger force. It will allow the stake to pull up easier than if you tried to pull the stake out yourself. It will save you from overexertion while working.

How to Use a Ground Rod Puller and Stake Puller

You don’t need to loosen the rod, stake, or signpost in the ground before beginning. There is no preparation necessary, and using this tool is easy. You will wish you had one long ago!

Step One

Line up the mouth (or jaw) of the stake puller, so it surrounds the ground rod. The stake puller should be on a solid surface. If needed, place a board under the stake puller base.

You will need a board for stability if the ground has gravel or is soft.

Step Two

Lift the handle of the stake puller to open the jaw. You will now check again to make sure the jaw is in line with the ground rod. Push down on the handle.

The mouth will close around the ground rod and grip hard. You are now ready to pull the ground rod up.

Step Three

To pull the ground rod out from the ground, you will need to use a slow pumping motion on the handle. The rod will come out little by little; don’t try to get it out all at once! Work slowly to save your back and arms.

Save Your Back With a Stake Puller Today!

Now you know how much easier pulling stakes and ground rods could be! Do not work harder than you have to. Browse our large selection to find the correct ground rod puller or stake puller for your job.

Visit our online store to see what we have to offer!

Karen Anderson
Karen Anderson

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