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Up to 25% of all construction-related injuries are back injuries.

Getting this number to 0 would be essentially impossible, but using a stake puller is a good place to start.

Removing stakes by hand is a very easy way for someone to get injured, so investing in a stake puller can help get jobs done faster while keeping things more safe.

But what is a stake puller? And how can they help you? Keep reading to find out.

What Is a Stake Puller?

Stakes have a number of purposes and have a design that makes it easy to get them into the ground. Getting them out, however, can be a much more difficult task.

To make this easier, you can invest in a stake puller—a device that acts as both a lever and a fulcrum. They make pulling stakes out of the ground much easier and much safer.

As there are different types of stakes available, there are also different types of stake pullers.

Tent Stake Puller

You have probably been camping before and ended up struggling with a tent peg or two. But when it comes to camping tents, the pegs are quite small, and with a bit of force, you can usually remove them unaided.

Tents aren't only for camping, however, and larger tents used for big events are a different story.

Jackjaw construction has a wide range of tent stake pullers with different capabilities. The Jackjaw 301 Tent Stake Puller is a popular model, capable of safely removing 3/4 inch to 1 1/4 inch tent stakes or rebar from any surface.

One of the advantages of such a stake puller is that it will pull up stakes without bending them, and avoids damaging the asphalt, or whatever surface that the stake is in.

With this model, a downward force of 600 lbs on the handle produces an upward force of 1600 lbs, as well as a gripping force of 3200 lbs on the stake

Concrete Stake Puller

When pouring concrete during a construction job concrete stakes hold form boards in place. They are very secure to make sure there is no movement, and therefore no mistakes, during the pour.

As you would expect, getting the pegs back out cannot be done by hand and requires a concrete stake puller.

The Jackjaw 200 is perfect for pulling out several types of stakes:

  • 3/4 inch and 7/8 inch for stakes
  • T posts
  • Sting line stakes

Like tent stake pullers, there are designed as to not damage the stake, or the surface it is being removed from.

This particular model is 29 inches tall, so you can use it without needing to bend over. A downforce of 50 lbs in the handle produces 450 lbs of upwards force and 1050 lbs of gripping force.

Jackdaw concrete stake pullers are made from AR400 steel, providing excellent durability and long wear. A zinc coating also helps to prevent corrosion, extending the life of the stake puller.

Finding the Right Stake Puller

Depending on your needs, you can probably determine the type of stake puller you need. But each type has various models available, capable of pulling different stakes with different amounts of force.

Click here to contact us and we can help you find the perfect stake puller for you.

Karen Anderson
Karen Anderson

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