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March 04, 2021 2 min read

When it comes to the job site, the stakes are high. 2.5 million workers sustained injuries in 2018.

Today, work equipment has evolved to make jobs much easier, safer, and more efficient. By using the tools and equipment available, it's easier to keep workers safe and clients happy.

When it comes to construction jobs, one of the toughest and dangerous tasks is pulling out poles or stakes. Workers can injure themselves easily if they're not careful.

This is where a stake puller comes in. But how does a stake puller make the job site safer? Does this construction equipment speed up the job process?

Read on to learn why it's such a valuable tool to have on hand.

What is a Stake Puller?

In short, a stake puller is a lever-like device that makes taking poles out of the ground a breeze. It makes less strain on your body to pull it out.

You put the mouth of the stake puller at the stake, and push on the lever to bring the stake up. In most cases, it only takes a few seconds to fully extract the stake.

Then, you can move onto the next one.

What Makes a Stake Puller So Safe?

The safety of a stake puller is unmatched compared to other older methods of getting them out.

Sledgehammers and other unsafe methods are things of the past. Missing a swing or hitting a finger were always possibilities with these methods.

Stake pullers are much safer and make for less chance of injury. There's no swinging, hitting, or pulling involved.

In a few strokes of the puller, the stakes come out with ease. That also means that your employees won't suffer pulled muscles or thrown-out backs.

Work-related injuries cost businesses more than $170 billion in 2018. This can be significantly reduced by working safer.

It shows how working safer with a stake puller is priceless.

How Do Stake Pullers Improve Efficiency?

Using the old methods, pulling out stakes could be quite the chore. It would take much longer, hitting and loosening the stakes so that they would finally come out.

With a stake puller, the process is streamlined. With a few simple strokes, the stakes come out in seconds. This makes the process much smoother and more efficient.

What used to take workers a day to do can be done much quicker. Time is money, so investing in stake pullers is a smart investment for your business.

Need a Reliable Stake Puller?

Investing in a quality, concrete stake puller can make things much smoother and safer on the job site. It can create fewer headaches and give your employees more valuable time to get other important tasks done.

At Construction Accessories, Inc. we know how important safety and efficiency are. Our JackJaw Stake Puller gets the job done quickly and safely.

It comes in many different types and sizes, capable of pulling out T-posts, stop signs, wood, or tent stakes. With the JackJaw stake puller on your job site, you'll never have to worry about your workers.

Are you looking to find the right stake puller for your site? Have a look at our products today!

JackJaw Construction Accessories Admin
JackJaw Construction Accessories Admin

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