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July 12, 2021 3 min read

When you sink stakes into the ground, they tend to stay there. Pulling them out can be an arduous--and dangerous--task.

Fortunately, there are devices designed for this purpose: stake pullers. Not only can these tools increase efficiency, but they can save you a lot of money and provide other benefits. Keep reading to find out how they can be an invaluable tool for your business or home project.

What Is a Stake Puller?

A stake or post puller is a device that uses leverage to remove fence stakes and various types of posts from the ground. They are made from sturdy metals, like steel, and are resistant to rust.

The mechanism of stake pullers is simple, but the amount of power these devices afford may surprise you. Some pullers provide a 16-to-1 power advantage, or the ability to apply 16 times as much force as you would without the puller.

Types of pullers vary based on the type of stake you are trying to remove. Each puller will have a specific “mouth” or “jaw” that affixes to the stake.

For instance, rebar stake pullers will have a circular jaw. Flat stake pullers will have square grooves that can fit around steel or wooden posts.

They also come in different sizes designed to tackle distinct tasks. Small stake pullers are compact and are great for jobs like removing standard fence posts. Post pullers can remove larger stakes or posts from concrete.

What Are the Advantages of Stake Pullers?

Beyond making a job easier, there are several advantages of employing the use of a stake puller. Here are the main ones to consider.


More days of work are missed due to back injuries than any other kind. Pulling a stake from the ground (or other material) can be back-breaking work--literally. It also can cause strain or damage to neck, shoulder, or arm muscles. 

Stake puller safety eliminates this risk. They are simple to operate and cause little strain or stress on the body. They can help keep your work crew healthy and safe.


Stake pullers allow a single person to do the work of several (or more) in a much shorter time. They can tackle challenges that would otherwise require the use of heavy equipment. This means you can get jobs done faster and allow your crew to focus on other tasks besides stake removal.

Make Posts Reusable

If you are removing stakes by hand, then you are yanking and pushing them from side to side, which can bend them. Pullers remove the stakes straight from the ground. This means that you can avoid bending and reuse the stakes over and over again.

This can translate to huge savings over time. It also reduces waste (since there are no alternative uses for bent posts).

Find Stake Pullers for Your Next Job

Now that you have an idea of what stake pullers are and what they can do, you can find one specific to your task. Remember to get one that is powerful enough to be efficient and effective, so that you can save time and money tackling even the toughest stake-extraction jobs.

At Construction Accessories, Inc., we developed and adapted the JackJaw stake puller to over 40 sizes and types. These include signposts, ground rods, tent stakes, real estate signs, and drill rods for nuclear density gauges. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you find a product that is suited to your particular job.

Karen Anderson
Karen Anderson

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