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Around 80% of adults will experience a back injury at some point in their life.

If you aren't careful while removing T-posts, you could become a part of this staggering statistic. Removing fence posts can be back-breaking work if you don't go about it the proper way.

Keep reading to find out tips on how to remove T-posts from your yard.

What Is a T-Post?

A T-post has two winged edges at the base of the post. It gets its name because it forms an upside-down T. T-posts are built to last and remain sturdy in the ground. That means they can be difficult to remove because they are extra resistant against being twisted or toppled.

How to Remove T-Posts

It is common for American homes to have fences. There are many benefits to having a fence, such as privacy and increasing home value. However, once that fence gets old, it’ll be time to remove it or replace it. 

If you're looking to do fence removal, you'll need the right tools and a bit of leverage. Pulling T-posts out by hand is almost impossible and not recommended.

Here are a few tips on how to remove fencing, whether you have tools or don't.

1. Use a JackJaw

This is by far the superior option. 

Place your JackJaw fence post puller beside the T-post you plan to remove. You will put the puller's hook underneath one of the winged edges of the T-post.

From there, push the JackJaw arm down and leverage the end of the T-post up. You will then move to the other side of the T-post and repeat the same process. Continue these steps until you get the T-post fully free from the ground.

2. Use Whatever Leverage You Have

If you don't have a Jackjaw, but do have items like a brick and pry bar laying around, you can use these tools. You will set the brick beside the T-post that you want to remove. Then, place the pry bar over the brick. Next, push the flat end under one edge of the T-post.

Once everything is positioned properly, push down on the opposite end of the pry bar. This should leverage the T-post up. Repeat these same steps on the opposite side of the T-post until you get it above ground level and can remove it fully.

3. Water

When you have nothing but yourself, you're going to have your work cut out for you. The job is still doable but will require way more elbow grease on your part.

Position a garden hose to be running into the ground where the T-post is. While water flows freely into the post hole, start rocking the T-post back and forth. You will continue this motion until the ground loosens around the T-post and you can pull it free.

How to Remove T-posts

When it comes to how to remove T-posts, you’ll want to start by having the right tools for the job. A JackJaw extractor is the perfect tool for removing difficult fence posts. Don’t risk injuring yourself trying to pull up a T-post with your bare hands. Instead, make use of a powerful tool that’ll cut your work time in half.

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JackJaw Construction Accessories Admin
JackJaw Construction Accessories Admin

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