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Worldwide, the single leading cause of disability is back pain. Those who suffer from back pain often are unable to not only work but also to take part in normal everyday activities.

Removing fence posts requires a lot of force, and when it comes to doing so, you can experience back pain first hand if you’re not careful.

A stake puller is your answer to how to remove fence posts safely and quickly. 

Which one should you get though, and where can you find them? Keep reading to find out.

How to Choose a Stake Puller

A stake puller is exactly as it sounds — it’s a piece of equipment that pulls fence stakes out of the ground. Using a stake puller makes the process of removing a fence much more efficient, as they require much less force than removing the stake without one, saving you a lot of pain and trouble.

There are different kinds of stake pullers you can either purchase yourself or rent, and it’s important to know what shape post your fence has.

Steel T-posts and U-posts are typically used when putting up a fence made from wire, for example. But there are other shapes as well. So make sure you’re purchasing or renting the correct one.

Stake pullers come in different sizes so you’ll want to figure out how big of a job you have ahead of you before purchasing or renting one.

Some stake pullers require more than one person to operate so this is something else you’ll have to consider — are you going to be taking on this project by yourself or will you have a helping hand?

Additionally, some stake pullers use electricity or hydraulics while others do not. In this case, these stake pullers will require more maintenance, so, if that’s not something you’re looking for it’s best to choose one that does not use electricity.

Some stake pullers feature a tripod base, offering more stability. If you’ve never used a stake puller before one with this tripod may be best as it makes the job easier and increases fence pulling safety.

Removing Fence Posts with a Stake Puller

Once you’ve either purchased or rented your stake puller, it’s time to start removing the fence posts. 

Pro tip: before beginning, check the hardness of the ground around the fence post. If the soil in the area is soft it’s a good idea to place your stake puller on a piece of plywood. This prevents it from possibly sinking into the ground.

Whether or not you’re using a piece of plywood you’re going to want to position your stake puller next to the fence post.

Lift the handle of the stake puller so that the jaws open, positioning the puller so that the jaws are on either side of the post.

Next, push down on the handle of the puller so that the jaws clamp around the post. Repeat this motion of pushing down on the handle of the stake puller until the post has been pulled out of the ground.

How to Remove Fence Posts

If you’re wondering how to remove fence posts quickly, a stake puller is your answer. Not only do they make the process of removing your fence stakes much easier, but they also save you the possibility of becoming a statistic and causing yourself major back pain.

For a great stake puller to purchase, check out this one.

JackJaw Construction Accessories Admin
JackJaw Construction Accessories Admin

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