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In 2018, there were 34 incidents of sprains, strains, and tears per 10,000 full-time workers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics points out.

Of those incidents, the median number of days out of work resulted in 11 days. 

If you work in construction, you have most likely had to pull stakes, pins, or take part in some T-post fence removal. Maybe you've even been unlucky enough be a part of those who suffered an injury.

But what if there was a better way to avoid that while increasing efficiency?

Keep reading to find out more.

Is a Stake Puller That Easy?

Yes! They really are. Let's go over what makes a post puller efficient

Remember the sledgehammer method? It was always risky, sometimes a stray swing connected with a boot or tore a chip off the pin. Maybe you thought it was loose enough, and you gave a strong yank, only to have it pull back on you. 

That's exactly how the statistics above came to be—hard work and accidents.

The easiest way to prevent this is with a mechanical tool that eliminates the need to swing that hammer or pull that pin out by hand. Let's go over how these tools work. 

Increase in Efficiency

Post pullers or stake pullers are a relatively simple tool that makes physics work for you.  

They can streamline your efficiency when it comes to all the tasks that require pulling pins, stakes, or posts out of the ground.

Making the work easier and more efficient is exactly what these tools do. They generate substantial gripping force and upward force that make any removal job a breeze.

How else do they help speed things up? They cut the workforce needed in half. Instead of two employees to yank posts out, drop that down to one, and you can send the other employee to start another task. 

With precision, ease of use, and speed, the crew will be finished up and ready for the next phase much sooner than using other methods. 

Fence Removal Made Simple

How about those T-posts? They can always be trouble. Often they've been rammed in the ground down a good depth.

They usually sit so long that they rust, not to mention the winged tip at the bottom, making it a time-consuming process to pull them out manually.

With our post puller for fences, you'll be able to remove those T-posts more easily and safely than conventional methods.

Safety should always be as easy as this.

Don't Become a Statistic on BLS

With all the benefits and no risk, grabbing a stake puller is an easy step in making your next project quick and profitable. 

Construction, concrete pinning, sign, and fence removal, and so many other uses make this tool a must on any crew truck. 

When you've decided to grab one for yourself, check out our products page. If you need help deciding we're always available for any questions or concerns you may have.

Karen Anderson
Karen Anderson

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