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Have you ever manually pulled a stake out of the ground before? If you have, I imagine it involved hammering with a sledgehammer until it was loose enough for you to yank it out with your back and leg muscles. Yeah, that sounds tiring.

Good thing there's a solution for that. After all, you don't really want to be another number added to the more than one million people who hurt their backs at work—do you?

In this short article, we'll take a look at what a stake puller is, and how you use it. Keep reading to find out!

What Is a Stake Puller?

A stake puller is a piece of equipment that is a lever and fulcrum all in one. It uses leverage to make pulling stakes out of the ground easy and efficient. 

How does it do this? Basic physics tells us that a lever can reinforce an input force (in this situation your body weight), to provide a much greater output force. In other words, with a stake puller, you only need to apply a fraction of the force in order to pull up stakes.

How Does It Work?

Using a stake puller is actually quite simple. There's no need to loosen stakes before using the tool, or any other prep for that matter. 

Step 1

With the mouth of the stake puller, or sometimes called the jaw, align the puller so it completely surrounds the stake.

The base of the stake puller should be on solid ground. So if there is soft soil or loose gravel, for example, place a flat board under the base for stability.

Step 2

Open the mouth of the stake puller by lifting the handle. Double-check to make sure the mouth is aligned and in place and then push down on the handle. You'll notice the mouth will clamp down hard on the stake, while the puller uses that leverage we talked about earlier to begin the extraction process. 

Step 3 

With a slow and steady pumping action, use the handle and rod of the stake puller to completely remove the stake from the ground. There's no need to pull the stake out all at once. Pull it out in increments to save your back and arms from wearing out even more!

Choose the Right Stake Puller for the Job

Now that you've decided to save your back and time with the use of a stake puller, you should know that not all are made the same. In fact, some stake pullers are specifically made to pull concrete stakes, while others are made to pull large tent stakes. 

We want you to choose the right stake puller for what you need. Our company stocks a number of stake pullers and post pullers that allows one guy to get the job done. 

Visit our shop today to see what's in stock!

JackJaw Construction Accessories Admin
JackJaw Construction Accessories Admin

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