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If you've found this post, then you have likely read a fencing guide or two in your lifetime. You know that fences are built to last, which is why removing fences can be back-breaking work.

Back injuries are among the most common workplace injuries and can leave you unable to do your job for long periods.

Keep reading to find out how investing in a quality post or stake puller can benefit you. 

Post Pullers to The Rescue 

Construction tools like post or stake pullers ease the process by saving your back and saving you time. All stake and post pullers work using the same principles of a lever by increasing your force to remove the post or stake with less exertion.

If you're a handyman who works for a fencing company or simply an everyday homeowner who has to remove old fence posts, here's how having a post or stake puller can benefit you:

Easier on The Back

If you are someone who frequently works with construction tools or are employed by a fencing or other construction company, then you likely know a friend or fellow employee who's hurt their back while on the job. You might have suffered a construction work-related injury to your back in the past. No one ever wants to hurt their back, which is why you should be taking every chance to reduce your risk of back injury. 

Post and stake pullers make your job less dangerous by reducing the time you have to spend bending down, twisting, and lifting while digging or prying out fence posts, all actions that put you at risk of injuring your back.

Saves Time

With a post or stake puller, you can get more work done in a fraction of the time you would've spent removing posts manually. They are also user-friendly, which means that there's no extensive fencing guide needed to operate one.

Takes Less Man-power

A single person operating a post puller can do the work of three to four men.

Saves Money

One person with a post or stake puller can do the work of three to four men, which means that that's less money you're paying out of pocket to hire help. On top of that, post or stake pullers are relatively inexpensive, meaning that you can pay for one in the time that it takes to finish just one fence job.

Picking The Right Tool

Post or stake pullers can also be used to remove concrete plugs, post signs, signposts, and so much more.

No matter what kind of job you need to get done, whether you are dealing with fence installation and find that you need to re-do a post or if you're dealing with an altogether fence removal, you need to pick the right construction tool for your needs.

If you are unsure of which construction tool your specific task calls for, visit Jack Jaw Construction Accessories, Inc. to find the right stake or post puller.

Karen Anderson
Karen Anderson

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